Terms & Conditions

Mgadeer User Terms and Conditions of Service

  • Description of Service:

This website allows its customers who agrees and accepts the below User Terms and Conditions (“User/Service Agreement”) to order online from the affiliated delivery restaurants displayed on this website. The purpose of this website is to provide a friendly and secure service to customers, by connecting them to the affiliated restaurants which offers to deliver food, prepare takeaway food, catering for different occasions, and make reservation.

In order to be a member of this website, you need to comply with the below terms and conditions:

  • Ratification of Mgadeer Service Agreement:

In order to use this website, the customers are required to fill in the registration Form at first, and then they shall agree and undertake to comply with the provisions of this website User/Service Agreement. By filling in and ratifying the registration form or using any of the above services or ordering food through this website, the user agrees to be bound by the User/Service Agreement of this website.

  • Mgadeer Membership system:

Each member of Mgadeer website has its own username and password which are determined by the member itself. Each username is exclusively used by the member itself and it is not given to another member. In addition the member shall ensure to keep the password of its username private and only accessible by him/her. The user can change the password easily at any time. Mgadeer website is not liable for any issue or event whatsoever leading to a dispute which may arise from any disclosure of a password. The username and password will be entered by the member anytime he/she needs to connect to this website services. This process is called login to Mgadeer website.

  • Members Obligations:

The member of Mgadeer website accepts and undertakes the following during their use of this website services:

  • The member confirms that the required information that was filled in the registration form by him/her is correct and is up to date. The member is solely responsible for any losses or damages arises from any misinformation or inadequate information; and in these cases his/her membership may be subject to immediate termination;

  • Each member is responsible for all his/her personal ideas, opinions, statements expressed by the member through his/her username while using this website services, in addition to the uploaded files to Mgadeer website by the member, and the personal information which was entered and submitted by him/her, and that in no wayMgadeer shall be held liable for these files,

  • Minor users shall use Mgadeer website under their parents supervision, and Mgadeer website shall not be held liable by any way whatsoever for any damages, losses, or disputes arises from the minor use and during their use of Mgadeer website;

  • Mgadeer website shall not be liable whatsoever for any damages which may arise from disclosing any member’s data by any unauthorized person;

  • Each member shall comply to the laws and norms of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and they shall not post and/or submit and/or send any threatening, immoral, racial messages, opinions, and statements, and the member undertakes full responsibility for any such conduct or action;

  • All correspondences, titles, nicknames, and comments posted by any member to the Mgadeer website shall not be contrary to the laws and norms of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;

  • Members shall not harass and/or threaten other users;

  • Members shall not act in any way that affect the use of Mgadeer website services by other users;

  • Members shall not post, print, distribute, circulate any immoral, inappropriate and unlawful materials and information which may harm individuals or institutions names;

  • Members shall not advertise, sell, offer to sell any products or services ,or engage in any activities such as survey, competition or chain letter on the Mgadeer website;

  • Members shall not send, post, or submit any link, codes, or programs which may harm Mgadeer website software and the computers of other users;

  • All of the records or materials obtained by using the Mgadeer website services are within the consent of the member. The member shall be absolutely responsible for any losses caused by the member itself on the user’s computer; the user shall not demand any compensation for any losses arising from the use of the service,

  • Members undertakes that Mgadeer website may monitor all the system, data, and programs at any time and continuously;

  • Members confirms that Mgadeer website has the full right to use its system and data for commercial purposes,

  • Members shall not post or send any mail, information, code, or link which are legally forbidden (e.g. chain mail, software virus, etc.);

  • Members shall not circulate any mail without obtaining a written authorization from Mgadeer website to send such email;

  • Each member is responsible for all the statements, opinions, actions made under its name or nickname;

  • Personal non-commercial use:

  • Members confirm that all their submitted orders are for their personal/private use, and they confirm it is not for any other commercial use.

  • Orders Delivery:

  • At the delivery of the food/order, the member or the person who will receive the delivery on behalf of the member shall sign the document presented by Mgadeer delivery employee, otherwise the food/order shall not be deemed as delivered and the order will deemed as not to be made.

  • Privacy Poilicy:

  • Personal Contact Information:

  • To place an order through Mgadeer website, the member is required to provide us with the following information :

  1. first and last name;

  2. full address, including street name and name of the member city or town;

  3. personal contact information; members can at any time access their personal account information to edit their contact information and update it;

  4. Mgadeer website will communicate the member’s contact information (e.g. full name, address, contact information, order details, delivery, etc.) to the affiliated restaurant from which you have placed an order;

  5. Mgadeer website will also use the above mentioned information related to the members to facilitate and improve the member use of (name of shop) website, and to communicate with the member if needed, and to comply with any requirements of law.

  • Accessibility of Information by Third Party:

  • The above mentioned information related to each member will be disclosed to Mgadeer website staff, third parties involved in delivering member’s orders, and third parties involved in analyzing and supporting members use of Mgadeer website;

  • Mgadeer website shall not sell members personal contact information to any third party other than the above specified parties without members previous permission, unless Mgadeer are legally entitled or obliged to do so (e.g. if they have been requested to do so by any court order or governmental body).

  • Marketing and Advertising:

  • If required, Mgadeer website is entitled to use the data available on its website for any business promotional activities.

  • Termination:

  • In the event of non-compliance with the norms and laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by any member, Mgadeer website has the right to interfere and to terminate the member(s) membership, and by that the member will no longer be able to access Mgadeer website or receive his membership fee.

  • Technical Support Service:


  • Intellectual Property Rights:

  • The copyright of all Mgadeer trade names, logos, designs, ideas, services and software provided on this website belongs exclusively to Mgadeer, and the member shall not reproduce and/or distribute this software in any way;

  • Members shall not save, edit, change, forward or misuse any information belongs to Mgadeer website to another member or any third party;

  •  Members shall not use Mgadeer website services for any commercial and advertising purposes without obtaining written and signed consent of Mgadeer website owner;

  • Publicity and Confidentiality:

  • no member shall publish any information related to their membership or services of this website without (name of shop) previous permission.

  • Disclaimer:

  • The customer undertakes that this website provides him/her only with a way to communicate with the affiliated restaurants for delivery. This website, however, does not sell or interfere in any way in the food production produced at the restaurants.

Minor: any user below the age of 18 years.