About Mgadeer


MGADEER is a Saudi project specializes in the online food business. The idea founded by two Saudi entrepreneurs, and it became reality with the partnership of an experienced IT and Business firm in Jeddah. We in MGADEER believe in innovation, credibility & simplicity. We are very passionate about food and want to reflect that in MGADEER by having a website that provide all services for restaurants and consumers “FOOD LOVERS” and that’s how we came up of our slogan “WE LOVE FOOD”


About Us

“MGADEER" is a marketing company specializes in food ordering services via the internet. The company is working to become a market leader in the online food ordering business by providing one Website and Application for restaurants and consumers.

 “MGADEER" is offering a package of innovative solutions for both gourmet food lovers and food providers. The package includes four services Delivery, Pickup, Reservation and Catering.

“MGADEER" ambitions and future planning is covering all possible transactions between the two parties by providing four services to fulfill customers’ satisfaction.  

The company is strongly oriented to lead food ordering services via the internet in the MENA region through the expansion of its branches and partner restaurants.


Our Vision

To be the most credible, convenient and innovative online destination for food lovers in the MENA region.

Our Mission

Introducing comprehensive solutions In the MENA region for restaurants and consumers in the online food sector through MGADEER professional team, which accommodate top known global standards.


 Our objectives

•Contribute to the achievement of highest degree of prosperity for our customers through the use of modern technologies.

• Make a quantum leap in food ordering services in the MENA region through the expansion of demand and supply Transactions via MGADEER Website and Application.

• Provide new marketing channels through MGADEER Website and Application for restaurants.

• Save the customers’ time and effort by providing a wide variety of selections, which only can be available @ MGADEER Website and Application.

• Contribute to increase the competition between the restaurants in the online food ordering sector.


“MGADEER” services provided for restaurants:

  • MGADEER services to the restaurants include: Delivery, Pickup, Reservation  and Catering
  • Create new customers for restaurants, which increase sales.
  • Increase reach for restaurants through MGADEER Website and Application.
  • Provide promotional spaces for restaurants included in MGADEER packages.
  • Monitor views and feedbacks of MGADEER customers and present it in the form of reports, which helps restaurants improve their services.
  • MGADEER would provide static analysis like numbers of visits, likes and clicks on restaurants’ pages.  That will allow restaurants to modify, exclude or add any item to their pages.